Super Tender Pot Roast


Angus Beef Chuck Roast (Sams Club)

Russet Potatoes

Whole Carrots

Beef Broth (2-3 Cartons)

Worcestershire Sauce

Browning Sauce

Olive Oil

Onion Powder

Garlic Salt

Brown Sugar

McCormick Pot Roast Seasoning Pack

Dried Oregano

Fresh Thyme





Pot Roast Steps And Tips:

Pour Beef Broth Into A Mixing Bowl,(Use As Much Broth As You Want To, Add Browning Sauce And All The Seasonings Listed In The Ingredients. Mix Together. (If You Like The Gravy Around Your Roast A Little Thicker, You Can Mix In A Tad Bit Of Flour As Well, The Lumps Will Cook Out!) Pour This Mixture Into Your Roasting Pan, Crock Pot, Or Slow Cooker.


After Cleaning And Seasoning Your Meat,

Slightly Sear It, (In A Skillet Coated In Olive Oil)

While Searing Your Meat Add Worcestershire Sauce

Add Meat To The Pan, Let The Meat Cook At A Very Low Degree(250-275) For 3-4 Hours , Before You Add Your Carrots.

While Your Meat Is Cooking Cut Clean And Season Your Onion, Celery,Potatoes And Carrots.

After Adding Veggies , Increase Oven Temp To 325 , Let It Cook For Another 3-4 Hours, Checking It Til Everything Is Tender To Your Liking.